5/5.5  35
6/6.5 36
6.5/7 37
7.5/8 38
8.5/9 39
9.5/10 40
10.5/11 41
11.5/12 42

Who we are

Founded in 2016 in a small studio in Andalusia, Spain, Dana Brown Shoes is a contemporary shoe brand born from a passion for the finer details in life. Our commitment to quality, combined with a love for fashion, led us to create a brand that caters to women who demand nothing but the best.


Experience the Luxury of European Leather Crafting.

We take great pride in our shoes, which are handcrafted in small batches in Spain, Portugal, and Italy using only the finest quality leather and materials. Every pair is made to the highest standards, ensuring maximum comfort with every step. For us, it's not enough for shoes to simply look good - they must feel special too.